About Us

Let's make money fun!

Our Story

We founded Bling to reinvent peoples’ relationship with money. Financial education is not taught enough in schools, and people often feel anxiety and stress when it comes to concepts around money, investments, budgeting, and accounting. We’re here to reinvent that relationship, and invite users on a journey to make money fun.

While our company does have an entertainment and gaming component, at our heart, we consider ourselves to be a financial technology company. We hope to offer new products in the future that engage users with their wallets in a fun, rewarding way.

Bling launched its first game Bitcoin Blast in 2019, and since then, has launched new games and created a bitcoin rewards platform to enable affiliate mobile apps to give bitcoin rewards. Previously, the company went under the name Loaded and Sagewise.

Our Values

  • Sound Money: We reward users with bitcoin because we believe that it is currently the most sound form of money (as in, it has the least risk of devaluation).

  • User Safety: We aim to balance simplicity and user experience with safety and security, and have support systems in place with users that enable responsiveness and reliability.

  • Fun: We aim to make our user experience fun!

Company Perks

  • Free Breakfast and Snacks Everyday

  • Bi-Weekly Game Play Sessions

  • Health Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Stock Options

  • Company Incentive Plans

  • Vacation and Sick Leave